The Contemplative Classical Podcast



Matt Emery meets Luke Howard to chat about his latest release ‘Open Heart Story‘ and upcoming release ‘More Heart Stories’, Luke’s studio setup in Melbourne, scoring for virtual reality, what he’s currently listening to, the Australian music scene and other recommended artists and what he has coming up in 2019.

You can see Luke live at Bush Hall on November 20th and his upcoming EP ‘More Heart Stories’ will be out on Mercury KX in December.




Intro: (0:00)
Music: ‘Open’ (from ‘More Heart Stories’) (0:53)
Chat: Open Heart Stories, Scoring For Strings and Studio Setup (1:12)
Music: ‘Hymn’ (from ‘Open Heart Stories’)(11:13)
Chat: Mercury KX, Live Concerts & Favourite Spaces, (11:36)
Music: ‘Elysian Fields’ (From ‘Open Heart Story’) (19:00)
Chat: Australian Music Scene & What Are You Currently Listening To? (19:21)
Music: ‘Remembering My Childhood’ (From ‘Open Heart Story’) (24:16)
Chat: Scoring for Virtual Reality (The Unknown Patient)& What’s coming up for 2019? (24:37)
Music: ‘Bower’ (From ‘More Heart Stories’)(31:16)