Hior Chronik, a composer of ambient, drone and neoclassical music released his album ‘Out Of The Dust’ last year in 2017. He is an exceptional composer whose music captures the listener’s attention and emotions. In conversation with Hior Chronik we talk about his sound as a composer, the meaning of his music, directing his own videos, and more.


Hi Hior Chronik! Thank you for taking the time to be in conversation with us. How and when did music begin for you?

Μy relationship with music started from an early age and I must say that it still remains to be the most trustful and strong thing in my life. Not only as a creator but also as a listener. It was nearly ten years ago when I decided to make music. It was a spontaneous feeling I had one day and I decided to try without any expectations and ambitious feelings. I started being humble and still am in respect to music.


Would you say your sound has changed a lot since you started composing music? And how?

No, it hasn’t changed that much. I’m still into building ambient atmospheres and accompanying them with acoustic sounds like strings and mostly piano. I’m still on this direction of making music and hardly think that it might change after a few years. Who knows..


What do you find about your music that has meaning for you?

The meaning of what i’m doing (not only with music) is to find out more of myself. It’s also my meditation and my psychotherapy. It’s my hidden reality behind everything that I’m surrounded with and all the things I live by. It’s me trying to be better in my way of thinking and feeling.  


Do you have a compositional process that you stick to or does this change depending on what piece you are writing?

It always depends I would say. I always start spontaneously experimenting with the sounds or play the piano by instinct. Of course sometimes the music is already in my mind and I just try to copy it which can be hard and challenging.


We adore you most recent album ‘Out Of The Dust’ – what’s your favourite track on this album? And why?

Really happy that you like it. Well, I cannot say that there is a favourite track because I love them all for different reasons. But I can say that “Remember” means something more to me because I was emotionally anxious at the time I made it.



You have many beautiful YouTube videos that accompany your pieces, for example ‘Whispers from the Surface of a Lake’. We noticed that you directed this video. Did it feel natural to come up with the concept and how the video was going to be shot since you wrote the piece? Or was it challenging? Why?

Yes, very natural. I just filmed some frames from the nature in Berlin and some places in Poland that I had been. For me it’s like a postcard from the period I was recording my album.

I really like to film sometimes and I think I’m going to work on that more seriously in the future.



Many artists have inspirations, what do you find about other people’s music that has meaning for you?

I learn from them. It’s like a small study for me. I wouldn’t say it works as an inspiration but as an education for myself. I couldn’t continue making music being away from other artists music.   


You’ve released quite a number of albums and EPs. Do you find yourself always composing or do you notice you take breaks, e.g. after you’ve released an album?

In general I’m very productive and I work on music spending lots of hours. When I’m away from my studio I feel strangled by missing it. I spend hours learning piano or experimenting with sounds. It’s kind of a “school” that I put myself in it. Breaks and vacations are also an important part for me. Being away for a while gives me more power to continue.


Are you working on anything at the moment? Should we look forward to something soon?

I’m working on my second album for 7K! This time it will be with powerful sounds accompanied by piano and more noisy atmospheres.  Next October I will release my solo piano album to Kitchen Label and soon my first pop album to Ki Records.


Live tour dates!

8th April – Warsaw. Niebo ( Piano Day )*

19th April – Belgrade. Resonate Festival

2nd May – Istanbul. Zorlu Performing Arts Centre*

3rd May – Hamburg with Christian Loffler / Elbphilharmonie

10th May – Thessaloniki TBA

6th June – Prague. Palac Acropolis*

9th Nov – Hasselt / Belgium*

10th Nov – Leuven / Belgium*


*with Hania Rani & Dobrawa Czocher




Twitter: @HiorChronik