The Contemplative Classical Podcast



Matt Emery meets James Heather to chat about growing up in a family of piano players, improvisation, collaborations, inspirational records and his new reworks album.

You can download or stream James Heathers new reworks album which is out now on the digital platforms here:




Intro: (0:00)
Music: Last Minute Change Of Heart (0:47)
Chat: Early Influences, Family and Learning The Piano (2:50)
Music: Empire Sounds (12:20)
Chat: Writing Formulas and Inspirational Records (14:12)
Music: And She Came Home (24:52)
Chat: Performing Live & Improvising (26:35)
Music: Bad Role Model (35:13)
Chat: Streaming Services, Collaborations and New ‘Reworks’ Album (36:50)
Music: Oizys (47:30)